Between grass, weeds, palms, and pines, allergy sufferers in Boca Raton, FL rarely get a break. While you can’t avoid allergens altogether, you can adopt a strong defense that will turn your home into an allergen-free zone.

Household Tips for Allergy Relief

Start by eliminating obvious allergen sources. After you spend time outdoors, it’s a good idea to bathe and be sure to wash your clothing. Avoid exercising or gardening in the morning when plants release pollen. Encourage relatives to leave their pets at home if you’re allergic, and make sure that visitors only smoke outside your house. Here are a few other steps that you can take.

  • Place floor mats on both sides of exterior doors to avoid tracking allergy triggers indoors.
  • Ask visitors to remove their shoes. This makes cleaning easier and prevents pollen from contaminating your home.
  • Install special fiberglass or polyester anti-pollen screens on patio doors to trap dust and airborne particles.

Proper AC Operation for Controlling Allergens

For increased energy efficiency and allergen control, keep your windows and doors closed. If you feel that your house is too stuffy, we can install a mechanical ventilator that dilutes common pollutants.

If allergy triggers find their way indoors, make sure that your HVAC air filter can remove them. Replace the filter every month. For additional relief, your Den-Air Air Conditioning technician can recommend a Trane-branded air filtration system that works in sync with your AC unit.

Set your air conditioner to run continuously, even when you aren’t at home. In addition to filtering airborne particles, the system removes excess humidity, which controls dust mites and microbes. Your air conditioner should maintain indoor humidity levels around 50 percent.

Indoor Air Quality Services in West Palm Beach

If you’re struggling with asthma or allergy symptoms, we can install a whole-house air cleaner. You can learn more about our indoor air quality services online or by calling Den-Air Air Conditioning.

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