Floridians know the abundance of sunlight is a beautiful benefit to living here and the cool air in our homes and offices is essential. With that said, there is nothing more frustrating than having your A/C unit malfunction or to flat out stop running, especially in the middle of our hot summers. Repair costs and A/C replacements are costly, but suffering in a hot house or office is definitely not ideal. Having a warranty keeps the costs down and helps you maintain your equipment for zero to low out of pocket costs.

About the Warranty

If any parts malfunction within the first year, it is always best to contact the installing dealer. Most dealers will cover all labor and parts costs within this first year. Whenever Den-Air professionally installs any A/C unit, we guarantee that it will operate optimally within the first year or we will repair or replace any parts, free of charge. When you purchase your A/C system with Den-Air, it will come with an extensive warranty. We will also provide coverage on the compressor and other critical parts for up to 10 years with an additional 2 years of labor. If you are interested in having your A/C system replaced, feel free to give us a call at (561) 533-0716 for your free estimate.

The Coverage

It is important to fully comprehend your warranty when purchasing a new central air conditioner. You should have your A/C unit’s model number and serial number written on the User Manual so when you do need to call the manufacturer or the installing dealer, this information is readily available. Warranties offered among manufacturers vary greatly; usually, the coverage includes the labor necessary to repair the parts.

Extended Warranties

Just because your original warranty has expired, it doesn’t mean you can no longer have coverage. There are extended warranties available to handle any A/C issues once the original warranty has expired. Extended warranties can prove to be a worthwhile and cost-effective investment; however, if your unit is over 10 years old, a newer model may be recommended to meet newer efficiency standards.

Service Maintenance Plans

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, there are also maintenance plans offered to keep your A/C unit running optimally and efficiently. These plans will keep your repair costs down and will require scheduled maintenance to ensure your system and all its components are running smoothly. These inspections should be performed by an HVAC professional annually or semi-annually. Since they evaluate your unit with each visit, they can determine if there are any small problems and repair them before they become bigger and more costly.

Den-Air’s Preferred Client Club (PCC)

Den-Air customers can choose to join our Preferred Client Club (PCC) and select the service maintenance program that is best suited for their needs. A preventative maintenance program increases the longevity of the system, stops nuisance failures, and helps the unit reduce energy consumption. If interested, head over here to see our different PCC programs and call us at (561) 533-0716 to learn more.

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