Is your home making you sick? It’s a disconcerting possibility to consider, but it may well be the case. In some cases, indoor air quality can even be a bigger concern than outdoor air. Fortunately, not all is lost. Here are a few ways your HVAC system can help allay these concerns and even keep you healthier throughout the year.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Poor air quality has been linked to everything from asthma to respiratory trouble and chronic illness. The air in most homes contains considerable levels of dust, pollen, dander, mold spores and other things you’d never want to breathe in. An effective and well-maintained HVAC system can reduce these particulates in a number of ways. Keeping clean filters in your system can catch many of these particulates before they circulate through your home.

HVAC Air Purifiers and UV Lights

Air purifiers and other air quality systems components can help you breathe even easier. These systems force the air in your home through very fine filters to trap as many unwanted particulates as possible. Mold and dust mites are also common problems in South Florida. To keep these in check, you can install a UV light inside your HVAC system. UV light is effective at eliminating allergens and other biological contaminants from the air inside your home.

Reduced Humidity

It’s no secret that the West Palm Beach area is frequently humid. Unfortunately, high humidity has long been connected to a variety of health problems. Studies have shown that humidity-related health issues are best minimized by keeping indoor relative humidity levels between 40 and 60 percent. A home HVAC system can help you do just that, keeping moisture and humidity in check no matter the conditions outside.

Your home has a greater effect on your health than you might realize. With a few simple additions, you can make sure the effect it has is a positive one. Discover how you can stay healthier all year long by checking out Den-Air Air Conditioning’s indoor air quality services or calling (561) 533-0716 today.

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