The Palm Beach Post said that, “Here in Florida, we absorb and estimated 900,000 to a million seasonal residents who stay a month or more every winter, raising our state’s population by about 5 percent. About 145,000 snowbirds flock to Palm Beach County in the winter, raising the population to about 11 percent.”

As many of our loyal customers are among these seasonal residents, we have some following tips that can help you save energy and prevent mold growth while you are away from your Florida home.

Mold Prevention

  • If you have a programmable thermostat, set your A/C to run at 72 degrees for two hours each morning before sunrise and at 88 degrees for the rest of the day.
  • If you have a non-programmable thermostat, set your A/C to run at 80 degrees while you are away. If you live in a condo, set it at 77 degrees
  • If you have a humidistat, set it at 55% with your thermostat to 78 degrees.


  • Unplug or turn off the circuit breaker of your water heater. Consider draining the water to prevent leaks or floods.
  • Set your pool pump to run no more than six hours a day.
  • Unplug unnecessary appliances and electronics.
  • Remove all the food from your refrigerator and freezer. If you plan to keep it running, set the temperature to its warmest setting. If you are turning it off, clean the inside with 1 tablespoon of baking soda in 1 quart of water. Let it dry and leave the doors open.
  • Make sure to schedule your A/C check-up before leaving.

Hurricane Preparedness

  • If you plan on being away during hurricane season (June-November), make sure to install shutters before you leave.
  • Make sure your outdoor air conditioning unit (condenser) are tied down with hurricane straps. If unsure, ask your service technician to take a look.
  • Remove all movable objects from porches and patio.
  • Additional Tips

  • Ask a family member, neighbor, or friend to check on your property at least every two weeks while you are away.
  • Make sure smoke alarms have fresh batteries and are in working order.
  • Turn off the main water valve into your home or make sure to turn off the valves to your washing machine, kitchen and bathroom sinks, dishwasher, and toilets.
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