If your business uses commercial refrigeration, the type of unit you install is important. In West Palm Beach, Florida, you need a chiller that is well-insulated to keep your products cool during the hot summer months. The best way to know if your refrigerator is up to the task is by assessing its R-value.

What Is R-value?

An appliance’s R-value shows how resistant it is to heat flow. The less heat that flows into the unit, the more consistent the temperature will be inside the cooler. In general, the higher an appliance’s R-value, the better its insulation will be.

Factors That Affect Chiller R-value

A walk-in chiller’s R-value changes over its lifetime, so before you buy, you should find out the unit’s projected five-year R-value. There are a few factors that affect an appliance’s R-value. For example, the type of insulation foam used in the unit will influence its efficiency. As the foam ages, the unit’s R-value will drop.

R-value can also be affected by the mean temperature at which your fridge or freezer operates. The moisture level in the chiller can also affect insulation performance and drastically lower the unit’s R-value.

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right R-Value

The average R-value of a walk-in chiller is 25. However, depending on the type and thickness of the insulation, it can be much higher than that. Choosing a unit with the right R-value will help lower your operating costs. When the unit is functioning at its best, it will keep your perishables fresher for longer. It will also use less energy because it won’t have to work as hard to stay cool. With less strain on the system, the compressor will last longer, and you’ll suffer fewer frustrating commercial chiller breakdowns.

For professional commercial refrigeration services, contact Den-Air Air Conditioning at (561) 533-0716. We service and repair commercial refrigerators, freezers, and walk-in coolers. Our expert technicians can also advise you on the best refrigeration R-value for your business.

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